Vibrant, engaging and all-around approachable, Supa Cindy is amuch-loved on-air radio host, media personality, event MC,entrepreneur and philanthropist. Known as the Voice of Miami, shecurrently hosts “The Afternoon Get Down” show on 99 Jamz. Whenshe’s not connecting with her audience via the air waves or wowing alive crowd, Supa Cindy stays busy running her own company Cin D.Media, a recording and promotional agency. At present, she’scollaborating with South Florida Rapper Trina to cut an all-femalealbum under the label’s brand.Fluent in both Spanish and English and of Haitian/Dominican heritage,Supa Cindy was born in Miami and grew up in Astoria, Queens. Sheearned her degree in Radio and Television Production from MiamiDade College and immediately went to work in the industry at 99 Jamzas an intern before advancing through the ranks over the last 10 plusyears with the company. Throughout the years, Supa Cindy has enjoyedthe many opportunities this business offers to meet both new andestablished artists, like Pitbull for whom she worked for at Planet Pit.She’s continually inspired by people—from all walks of life—that shehas the good fortune to meet through her many endeavors. Her desireto be a positive role model while giving back to the community issolidified through her non-profit organization, Supa Friends whichworks to educate and motivate young people of South Florida.When she’s not working, Supa Cindy enjoys traveling, sampling newcuisines, relaxing at the spa, shopping and watching true crimedramas. She’s got a bird named Music and relishes quality time withher family.

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